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I am a first time cat mom to Lahksa, a Siberian cat. Originally from Singapore, I moved to the Netherlands and am now navigating life in a new country with my furchild!

Why lekkerlah?

Since my partner is Dutch and I am Singaporean, I wanted something that reflects our dual culture. Hence I came up with ‘Lekker lah’ – 2 very commonly used words in both our cultures. The term “Lekker lah” to us is an expression of the joy of life. I want to use this platform to share the joy of having a pet in our lives and other things in my life that bring joy to me – travel and food!


Language: Dutch

Can be used to describe anything that makes you feel good!


Language: Singlish (Singaporean english)

Used at the end of a phrase or sentence either for emphasis or reassurance.

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